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Posted in Vol 13 No 1 by bsaab on February 19, 2010

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Websites of note

Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection

Whether you’re trying to unload construction materials, electronics, extra food or office equipment, here’s a handy list of links to send you in the right direction. Now you really have no excuse.

Building Materials Reuse Association

Ever wonder how to take apart a building so that the materials can be reused? This nonprofit educational and research organization will help.

Nike ReUse a Shoe

A nifty video explains how your old running shoes might be ground up to become the next basketball court, tennis court, or running track. Basketball and tennis courts take 2,500 pairs; a running track eats a whopping 75,000.

IKEA Hacker

And to think it’s often called “disposable” furniture… This brilliant blog features oodles of clever ways to repurpose all that stuff with the funny Swedish names into even more fabulous furniture.

How to Reuse Paper Rolls

Curl your hair, extend your vacuum cleaner hose, keep your pants crease-free, entertain your hamsters — and more! Who knew a paper tube could be so useful?

The Rural Studio

Founded in 1994 by the late Sam Mockbee, this Auburn University program demonstrates how simple, even unlikely, materials can be reconstructed into beautiful structures, such as the “Windshield Chapel” and the “Carpet House.”


It’s like eBay or Craigslist, but free! PayPal is so overrated.

The Stone Wall Initiative

Some things should not be reused, and New England’s stone walls are among them. Threatened by increasing theft, stone walls are unique to our regional landscape. Save our walls!

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