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Posted in Vol 13 No 2 by bsaab on May 10, 2010

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Websites of Note

World Water Council

It’s not about you. The WWC takes a global view, promoting a “water secure world.”

Urban Harbors Institute

Based at UMass/Boston, this think tank is known for its policy, scientific, planning, and management expertise on marine and coastal issues, and offers a terrific set of downloadable publications.

The Boston Harbor Association

TBHA promotes “maritime industrial activity, environmental protection, and public access around Boston Harbor.” Site resources include event calendars, info on water transportation, policy papers, downloadable audio tours, and a guide to safe shellfishing.

Harbor Arts

This ambitious new organization promotes public art to bring global attention to ocean issues. Based in Boston, it recently launched the Boston Harbor Shipyard Gallery — which would explain the reports of a 40-foot floating copper cod.

Water Use Calculator

A shower, rinsing the breakfast dishes, watering the lawn…it all adds up. This easy-to-use site will help you calculate your household water use.

Rainwater Harvesting Manual

It’s written for Virginians, but it’s a handy guide for New Englanders, too.

The Tsunami Survival Guide

Tsunami waves can travel at 500 mph; on average, 10 occur annually. This site from Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution features videos, interviews, and research. It’s fascinating stuff, even if you live in Worcester.


Yes, you’ve seen it here before. And you may again, because we’re suckers for one of the great urban experiences of all time. WaterFire celebrates its 15th anniversary this year. Have you made the trip to Providence?

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