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Posted in Vol 13 No 3 by bsaab on August 4, 2010

Websites of note

The Cultural Landscape Foundation. Promoting public understanding of significant American landscapes, this robust site includes multimedia tours through significant civic parks and Modern gardens, a photo database of at-risk, lost, and preserved landscapes, and a growing collection of interviews with influential practitioners like Lawrence Halprin and Boston’s own Carol R. Johnson.

Landscape + Urbanism. A one-stop shop for the urban-landscape thing, this active blog includes it all: “landscape architecture, sustainable urbanism, vegetated architecture, urban agriculture, living walls, green roofs, ecological planning, and landscape urbanism theory.”

Landscape Urbanism Bullshit Generator. Want to sound smart at that next cocktail party? Facing a loss of words to describe your amazing design during your upcoming studio critique? Wish you knew the turn of phrase to make your “talk-itecture” jargon sound authentic? This simple, easy-to-use site’s got you covered. No pricey design education necessary.

City Farmer News. For 32 years, City Farmer has encouraged city dwellers to create their own productive landscape. With posts including stories from Vancouver, Phoenix, Tokyo, and Chandigarh as well as tips like how to use worms in your compost, this extensive site takes the “think globally, act locally” mantra to an entirely new dimension.

Waterfront Toronto. The poster child for landscape urbanism, Toronto also shows us how a municipal development website should be done. Waterfront Toronto provides design proposals and construction updates, maps, history, and more — making public process look like fun.

City Parks Blog. Coming from the Trust for Public Land’s Center for City Park Excellence and the City Parks Alliance, this blog covers issues from crime and safety to economics, green infrastructure, and health. Staff from both organizations regularly post on the site, creating a rich information database and offering links to other blogs.

Urban Landscapes. Urban landscape photography from around the world: settle in for a global tour.

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  1. oehmevansweden said, on August 4, 2010 at 10:46 am

    Great links! Some we know and love (The Cultural Landscape Foundation) and some we have enjoyed discovering (City Parks blog and – yes – Landscape Urbanism Bull**** Generator!). Thanks for the summary!

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