Site Work: more thoughts on UnModern

Posted in Vol 13 No 4 by bsaab on November 4, 2010

Websites of note

Architecture for Humanity. The powerhouse of social commitment with a powerhouse of a website. These guys never rest. And now that there’s an Architecture for Humanity iPad app, you won’t, either.

Unhappy Hipsters. This hilarious send-up mixes those familiar, über-cool Dwellmagazine- type photos with a new set of “interpretative” captions. As the blog’s subtitle suggests, “It’s Lonely in the Modern World.”

Etsy. From knit shawls to recycled fabric baskets to Eames chairs with custom screenprinted upholstery — Etsy is like eBay for the crafty set, a virtual world of virtual cottage industries. What could be more Un-Modern? From the shabby to the chic — if it’s handmade, it’s here.

North Bennet Street School. A Boston institution established in 1885, NBSS in the 21st century is the place to go to learn the skills of fine craftsmanship and the satisfaction of making things. You might find yourself literally on the cutting edge.

Public Architecture. One of many new efforts to reconstitute the architecture profession’s responsibility to the public good, Public Architecture demonstrates how you can make a difference. Right now.

International Institute of Not Doing Much. If the 21st century’s manic pace leaves your modern life lacking, these kind British folks offer an alternative: slow down. Complete with how-to’s, manifestos, and letters to the editor promoting “counter-urgency,” this rather silly site belies more serious wisdom.

Slow Food. “At the crossroads of ecology and gastronomy,” this sophisticated international grassroots membership organization of food lovers and activists promotes activities that aim to keep food good, fresh, and local.

Extreme Sheep LED Art. Combine one of the world’s oldest professions with some of the newest lighting technology and what do you get? But of course! (Can that video be real? Does it matter?)

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