Architects and Artists Collaborate: Boris Bally studio tour

Posted in Uncategorized by bsaab on November 5, 2010

Sponsored by the Boston Society of Architect’s Membership Enrichment Committee, “Architects and Artists Collaborate” is a month-long celebration of architecture and art, encompassing up-close artist studio visits, a keynote lecture by James Wines and a tour of MIT’s examples of architecture/art collaborations, all book-ended by open artists’ studio crawls throughout the metropolitan area.

Mid-tour, an attendee takes hold of a nearby machine, bending an irregular sheet of salvaged metal which begins to suggest new functions – a moment of literal collaboration under the artist’s supervision. At the Boris Bally studio in Providence, Rhode Island, salvaged street signs occupy massive shelving in one corner, while tools populate the remaining studio area. Finished chairs hang from the ceiling. Sketches and quick paper studies are the first step toward realizing his projects, which share a common thread of repositioning and reinventing common objects. On October 26, Bally opened his studio to our community, sharing ideas and inspiration across the disciplines.

Opening his presentation with a few images of past projects, he often described the influence for a specific piece and sometimes his personal motivations, as well as the role each played in his career. Afterward, Bally showed the group around his shop and spoke directly about his current Transit-related endeavors. Bally was gracious and engaging; the visit was a highlight of my week.

Industrial designer, craftsperson, business man, sculptor and cultural critic, Boris Bally is a working artist whose work has been exhibited at the Cooper-Hewett, the Victoria & Albert Museum, London among many others. Visit

Three BSA Architects & Artists Collaborate events remain—more details at

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