Infrastructure: Winter 2009, Volume 12 Number 4

Infrastructure cover   Infrastructure

Roundtable: A Bridge to Somewhere: The Case for a National Infrastructure Policy

Filling potholes and making trains run on time is not enough. Comments (0)

Planes, Trains, and Automobiles: Transportation @ MIT Rethinks Everything

A new program applies MIT’s collective smarts to the problem of moving around. By James McCown Comments (0)

Points of View

How we view infrastructure says a lot about how we think about infrastructure. By Ian Baldwin Comments (0)

Things Visible and Invisible

The graphic presentation of infrastructural data yields more than a map. By Jeanne Haffner PhD Comments (0)

Civil Service

An engineer extols the virtues of efficiency, economy, and, yes, elegance. David P. Billington talks with Jeff Stein AIA Comments (0)

Cover: Partial map of the Internet based on January 15, 2005 data. Lines are drawn between nodes representing IP addresses; their length indicates the relative delay between nodes. Map by Matt Britt, Wikimedia Commons, Cc-by-2.5.


From the Editor

Wasted Comments (0)


The Lurker

Lending a Library By Joan Wickersham. Comments (1)


Other Voices

Surface Road By Stephen Heuser Comments (0)


Periodical Roundup

Covering the Issues By Gretchen Schneider AIA Comments (0)

Points of View: Additional Images

How we view infrastructure says a lot about how we think about infrastructure. By Ian Baldwin Comments (0)

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  1. Letters « ArchitectureBoston said, on November 30, 2010 at 9:38 am

    […] thoroughly enjoyed your issue on infrastructure [Winter 2009]. We have badly neglected infrastructure, and it shows. In fact, Secretary of […]

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